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Which Framework Should You Use: Angular Or Vue?

Client experience is the main objective for each and every business today. Regardless of how sophisticated the background operations and tasks are, what clients see and feel should be smooth. A client’s definitive prerequisite from an application is a strong, straightforward, and delightful UI.

Front-end frameworks have grown substantially over the last decade, with a few of them serving as game-changers. Tremendous Javascript libraries have been around for quite a while in front-end development. It has developed from a solitary piece of innovation to an assortment of systems that help programmers.

By the by, only a few out of every unique framework turns out to be popular. In 2022, among the most popular Javascript front-end frameworks comes two names, i.e. Angular and Vue.

However, which front-end developer to work with next, whether an AngularJS Developer or a Vue Developer, is a typical thought that quivers through the psyche of each CTO prior to beginning a task. This post presents you with a fair comparison of these two powerful Javascript frameworks so you can conclude which technology will be more useful for your business.

Angular – An Overview

Precisely, Angular can be understood as a typescript-based Javascript framework that assists organizations with building adaptable and scalable web applications. It is an independent front-end technology with a built-in toolkit as well as libraries that don’t hamper the size or application speed. It offers advancement and improvement across all platforms through reusable code that can be utilized for almost any deployment target. It has a two-way data linking that is intrinsic to its architecture, as well as a dynamic UI binding at the simple object or property level.

Vue- A Brief Introduction

Vue is a JavaScript-based framework that is light in weight and adaptable. It offers powerful web capabilities for creating contemporary SPAs and front-end web projects. Vue is also regarded as a flexible and dynamic JavaScript framework since it allows changes in application code without affecting any fundamental features, allowing progressive UI to be created. Vue’s strong decoupling also allows for the addition of bespoke modules along with visual components to the web application’s functionality.

In-Depth Comparison

1. Curve Of Learning

If you want to create an Angular project, you’ll need to understand concepts like MVC and TypeScript. This is not the case with Vue. Vue is more user-friendly than Angular since it provides greater customization and built-in templates.

React and Angular are used to power the app. As a result, by utilizing the Vue.js platform, developers can quickly create quick mobility fixes based on Angular or React.

2. Performance Of The Application

When developing a web application, you can accomplish performance by just using the DOM (Document Object Model). More crucially, the performance of the whole web page is influenced by this element. Despite the fact that both Angular as well as Vue provide virtual DOM functionalities, Vue is the winner here.

The displayed elements are updated when the virtual DOM is upgraded. As a result, the software operates faster.

3. Architecture

The architecture of a web application development framework is an essential aspect to consider while selecting one. Angular’s MVC (Model-View-Controller), as well as MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) frameworks, are used to create interactive web programmes and websites.

Vue, on the other hand, focuses solely on the ViewModel and displays relatively minimal data. As a result, when it comes to architecture, Angular comes out on top.

4. Complexity, Scalability, & Flexibility

Due to its inception much later than other Javascript frameworks, Vue offers a more simplified API and architecture than Angular. The development environment for Angular is more sophisticated than that of Vue.

Vue is rigid, but Angular comes with a modular structure. Vue’s template-based syntax, on the other hand, decreases code reuse in complex projects.

While Angular provides a wide range of development advancements, Vue is more adaptable and does not need developers to modify the structure of their applications. As a result, Vue outperforms Angular in terms of flexibility.

5. Data Binding

Vue is built on the concept of one-way data binding that prohibits UI elements from being updated before the model is modified. Angular, on the other hand, uses two-way data binding, in which the model state changes when the components of UI change and vice versa.

Two-way binding may seem to be easier, but it falls behind one-way binding when it comes to establishing a quicker data flow and rendering non-trivial applications speedier.

6. Size And Load Time Of Applications

Recent versions of Angular contain capabilities like tree shaking and AOT compilation that significantly reduce the size of the application. While Angular apps are lighter, they are not as light as Vue applications.

Furthermore, the size of the app has a significant impact on loading time. This improves the responsiveness of the Vue app.

7. User Experience & Built-In Libraries

The Angular framework has contributed significantly to front-end development. The prominence of Angular is due to its comprehensive technique of presenting information to the users, its capability to reflect real-time data changes and its SPA feature of moving between pages without reloading the whole page.

Vue.js’ virtual DOM enables UI experimentation. Therefore it’s used to make apps that are simpler, more engaging, dynamic, and more interactive.

Angular’s in-built libraries give developers a trouble-free programming experience. Vue.js, on the other hand, has fewer libraries and requires the developer to install them manually.


Vue is much more simple and more intuitive, whereas Angular is a little more complex and has a wider variety of tools; both, however, share certain functionalities. Selecting the appropriate technology while bearing your application’s requirements in mind will assure success.

It isn’t about assessing your company’s needs versus what each framework has to give; it’s about evaluating your business requirements with what each framework has to offer. Following trends is less crucial than selecting the ideal framework for your application.

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