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New Release of Flutter 3.0 – All You Need to Know

We shall examine what’s new in Flutter 3.0 in this article. On all desktop platforms, Flutter 3.0 is available and ready for creation. The tremendous performance improvements for online and mobile, the addition of support for Apple Silicon, the support for macOS and Linux, and other new features in Flutter have us energised and unable to wait to share them.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework designed by Google and released in May 2017. Flutter permits developers to build mobile applications with a single codebase and programming language. This indicates that you can use one programming language and one codebase to build two different apps for both iOS and Android.


Flutter consists of two vital parts:

  • Software Development Kit ( SDK): It’s a collection of tools, including libraries, documentation, APIs, sometimes frameworks, and more, giving you all you need for software development.
  • A Framework: It’s a bunch of tools that serve as a foundation for your application, insisting you fill in the blanks with your code to complete the entire structure and get the desired functionality. This library consists of different reusable Ul elements, such as sliders, buttons, and text inputs.

What Makes Flutter Unique?

Flutter doesn’t rely on web browser technology or the set of widgets that ship with each device which makes it different from most other prospects for building mobile apps. Rather, Flutter utilizes its high-performance inducing engine to draw widgets.

In addition, Flutter is different because it only has a thin layer of C/C++ code. Flutter enforces most of its system, such as compositing, gestures, animation, framework, widgets, etc., in Dart that developers can efficiently approach to look over, modify, substitute, or remove. This gives developers huge control over the system and enormously lowers the bar to approachability for most of the system.

Flutter New Version 3.0

Ever since Flutter 1.0 was developed 4 years ago, Google’s team has been improving and summing up new features to the platform to provide mobile app developers with an enriching knowledge of developing new apps. In the later versions of Flutter 1.0, Google summed up unique development tools and support for Metal for enhancing the iOS user experience. 

In the flutter 2.0 version, Google put in features such as 

  • Native Platform views
  • Sound null safety by default
  • web support, along with a desktop preview. 

In the later performances of 2.0, for example, 2.5, Google added Material You, the next generation of Material design.

And now, Flutter 3.0 has arrived, which provides even better and more effective development tools, for building a satisfying user experience.

Features of Flutter 3.0

Flutter Firebase

The app developers need a vast set of tools to permit them to proceed in terms of building, releasing, and operating your flutter applications along with services like data authentication, cloud functionality, device testing, and data storage. Flutter has various third-party integrations like Firebase, AWS Amplify, Sentry, and AppWrite. Firebase is Google’s back-end platform for building mobile and web applications. Flutter has announced Flutter Firebase integration in version  3.0, enabling a fully supported core part of the Firebase offering.

Firebase Crashlytics

The revised 3.0 version of Flutter comprises Crashlytics support for apps. Crashlytics is

Firebase’s favoured real-time data crash reporting service. Its updated version checks errors in real-time, giving you permission to all of the same features used by other iOS and Android developers. Apps can be scanned for stability through warnings and metrics such as “crash-free users.” Crashlytics has been revised to cluster Flutter crashes more quickly, making it effortless to identify, prioritize, and fix issues. Crashlytics has also streamlined the plugin setup process, so it takes just a few clicks to combine it with your Dart code and get Crashlytics up and running.

Flutter Games Toolkit 

So far, flutter has been all about the apps and their features; Google has opened yet another door of development for flutter! With Flutter 3.0, Google introduced the Casual Games Toolkit, enabling developers to build and launch casual games. Since it’s open-source, Flutter developers will now be able to combine several unique and exciting features via this game’s toolkit. 

With integration-ready features (in-app purchases, play services, Firebase, and more) and a single codebase, developers will be able to build unique games using the Flutter platform seamlessly. Creating future-ready games on Flutter has become more exciting and seamless as Flutter already supports hardware-accelerated graphics.

macOS And Linux Support 

With Flutter 3.0, developers can now build apps for macOS and Linux operating systems as well. Initially starting with Android and iOS app support, the framework can be legally used to build apps for Windows, Web, and embedded devices. Flutter developers can build applications for macOS as well as Linux devices without facing any limitations. 

Dart 2.17

The latest version of Flutter 3.0 introduced a new update for the Dart SDK, with the new version 2.17. The new Dart language 2.17 will now be available to all Flutter developers. Dart 2.17 has several new features, such as using enums and overrides as default functions, deploying and testing custom-written classes, using API sample code, and more.

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