things to look out for when you select a Shopify theme

Five Quick Tips To Pick The Best Shopify Theme

Shopify is a well-known platform for the development of e-commerce stores as it has a large number of themes to choose from and the ability to customize them. There are hundreds of Shopify themes out there already, and finding the best one for your online store is not only one of the most crucial but also one of the most baffling and complicated decisions to make.

How To Choose The Best Shopify Theme – A Detailed Guide

So, here’s a detailed guide to choosing the suitable Shopify theme for your platform. Take a look. 



Consider Theme Responsiveness

Although the majority of the Shopify theme store’s interface is mobile-friendly, some developers choose to hide some features on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets.

It may be a mistake for you to not expose any of your website’s functionality and features to such a significant portion of your audience as early half of all visits to e-commerce sites are made on mobile devices. Plus, you must strike a balance so that the website does not get overburdened with photos and plugins, slowing down page load times and resulting in a poor user interface. 

Navigation Should Be Simple 

Often e-commerce shop owners say that their website receives a lot of traffic but that it does not turn into customers. One of the most common issues visitors to your website may encounter is navigating through the various levels of menus to find the items they need. So, keep the menu and navigation as easy as possible during the Shopify development and design phase, and aim to reduce the number of steps between your homepage and product page as much as possible. If you sell so many brands or items on your website, you should consider using a mega menu. 

Don’t Miss Out On Blog Overlook

Blogs are key to engaging your users and attracting organic traffic to your website, especially for the Shopify e-commerce platform. Beautiful header photographs should be included on the blog to make it look attractive. There should also be some SEO-friendly functionality, such as the ability to add tags. A featured blog image, as well as a featured image, is shown on the homepage according to Shopify rules, so the designers must make sure it matches the overall website style.

Prep on Large Image

Your website would stand out if you use big, stunning photographs. Using high-quality photos of your goods as a window dressing is the ideal way to cater to online consumers who are more enticed by imagery than by words. To achieve this result, the theme you chose must have broad imagery. However, using so many high-quality photos on your website will also slow down your site. So, ensure that you strike a healthy balance when using photos on your website and do not go crazy with any product image available.

Look for the Video Feature 

Adding videos to the e-commerce site will dramatically improve its appearance. Aside from the looks, including videos of your business and goods on your website will make your consumers connect with it even more. You can choose a theme that enables your designers to place videos on any website and in any section of your online store. Product pages can have videos, and the about us tab can have a screenshot of a company demo – a perfect combination to display your products.


Every company is different and deserves a different look and feel. There’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to theme selection. Only you can see all of the considerations that must be weighed and appreciate how those factors must be prioritized. However, as an entrepreneur, you are always distracted and already juggling a variety of problems and thoughts on your mind. But with the above advice and tips, we’re confident you’ll be able to find the right theme. 

However, even though a theme follows all of the above criteria, it might not be suitable for the type of Shopify store you choose to create as every business has its own needs. So, to pick the Shopify theme customization that is needed, look no further and contact us today to hire a dedicated developer. Our Shopify theme customization will provide you with the best results in creating engaging themes for the Shopify store. 

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